Shaun Trennery

Monday, August 16, 2004

The Sporting weekend

Back at work this morning, kinda wishing it was Friday again. What an amazing weekend for sport, I rode the Randfontein 100km on Saturday morning, not my best, but enjoyable. The Springboks truelly out-played the All Blacks, what an amazing game. Now if we can only beat the Ausi's on Saturday and take the Tri-Nations. Jake's the man!

Then last night, South Africa stunned the swimming world by winning the 400 free relay. I was really proud to be a South African.

Prime Circle

Last Thursday night we went to see Prime Circle at the Blues Room in Sandton, needless to say they were awesome. This band is on the road to greatness. We also manged to get Ross, the lead singer, to sign our cd cover.

Prime Circle at the Blues Room

Monday, July 12, 2004

I Wonder whats on Lance's MP3 shades.

This special pair of Oakley sunglasses with a built-in MP3 player that Lance Armstrong was spotted wearing. No idea whether they’re planning to ever sell these or not, but a little bit of research reveals that the sunglasses only have enough room on them for 35 songs, which makes us think that they probably have somewhere around 128MB of storage somwhere in there.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

{first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits e}.com


Read more on how google finds it's future employees.

Pocket PC Emulator that runs in Virtual PC

VS 2005 Beta 1 ships with a Pocket PC/Smart Phone emulator that will run inside of a Virtual PC image! Robert Levy has more information about the new emulator, but some highlights include:

1. Screen rotation
2. Full ARM (instead of x86) emulation. In addition to being a more true emulation, this also lets you install 3rd party software compiled for ARM.

Introducing Facetop

This is the first thing I've seen for ages that I think will really change the way we work. Imagine having someone look at you through your IDE helping you along the way.

This is a must read.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Apple to Ship iPod Minis Worldwide July 24

Apple Computer Inc. on Wednesday said its iPod mini digital music player would be available internationally, beginning July 24, at a price of $249. In March, the company said it would delay the international launch of the player due to stronger-than-expected U.S. demand and tight supplies of the hard drive, which is at the core of the player.

Apple had originally planned to start worldwide shipping in April. Earlier this year, the company said it had 100,000 preorders for the iPod mini, a smaller version of the popular iPod player that is about the length and width of a business card and holds about 1,000 songs. The company, best known for its Macintosh computers, has found huge success in digital music. Apple has sold more than 3 million iPods and has a 50-percent market share of digital music players. Its iTunes online music service is the most popular legal music download sites, claiming 70 percent of all songs bought online.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tools List

Scott Hanselman's has composed a awesome set of developer and power tools.

View them here.

10 DVD Matrix Boxed set out this December

The hit film trilogy, The Matrix, will be released on DVD on the 12th December, in time for the festive season. Packed on to 10 DVDs (A record?), the disk will come in at the reasonable price of about R510 (~$75).

The Disk will have The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded (extended version), and Matrix Revolutions; bonus material for each of the films in terms of behind the scenes footage, interviews, and general information. Also included is Animatrix. Finally, 3 disks with a more general slant and lots of other content, titled 'The Roots Of The Matrix', 'The Burley Man Chronicles', and 'The Zion Archive'.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Armstrong's Numbers

Lance Armstrong is obsessed with numbers: He measures his seat height by the millimeter, his food by the gram, and his performance by the watt. Such attention to detail is de rigueur in cycling, one of the most data-driven sports of all. Consider the numbers behind the Tour de France: 21 days of riding; 2,110 miles; 5,200 calories burned per day; a peak of 1,000 watts output at any given moment (enough juice to run seven iMacs). The two most important figures: 6, the number of consecutive victories Armstrong will have if he wins the Tour again (a new record); and 61, the number of seconds he won by last year, his narrowest margin yet.

Read more on Wired

Tour de France Rider Stats

Winner of the lowest heart rate in 2004? Phonak’s Santiago Perez of Spain, with 31 beats per minute. Yellow jersey for the biggest lung capacity? Another Spaniard, this time of the French Ag2r squad, Mikel Astarloa with 7.98 litres.

The race’s lightest rider is the Russian Alexandre Botcharov at a frankly puny 54.5 kilograms, while the heaviest rider is Sweden’s Magnus Backstedt (Alessio-Bianchi) who will fly down the mountains thanks to his gravity-embracing 98 kilograms.

But the big Swede is prevented taking first prize in the tallest rider competition. Instead, the title goes to a Frenchman: Guillaume Auger of RAGT at 1.96 metres. French fans must be going crazy: there’s a second win for them, too, thanks to Ag2r’s Samuel Dumoulin who obviously never ate his greens, measuring just 1.58 metres.

Among the Tour’s 188 starters, average height is 1.79 metres, average weight is 69.9kg, average lung capacity is 5.74 litres, while the Tour peloton’s average heart rate is 51 beats per minute.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Expect disappointing bandwidth for years

South Africa will not see the type of bandwidth that the people who write in to the myadsl Web site are after for at least another five to 10 years.

This is the view of analyst Mark Rotter, of Africa Analysis, speaking at yesterday's launch of Storm Telecom's new consumer Internet service.

Read the full article on ITweb

Tech from the Tour de France…

Engadget are running an interesting piece on all the gadgets used at this years Tour de France.

Read it here...

Won 800 bucks at Roulette last night.

Every now and again, Karen any my self put 100 bucks on either black or red. Last night the ball stopped on green, go figure. Just before we left the table a 100 bucks poorer, a kind stranger pointed out that we only lost R50. Our luck turned and we left about 10 minutes later with R900, thats R800 profit. Thanks Monte.

Mobile Tunes

I've Being playing with the idea of getting a MP3 player for a while now. Which one to get is the questions. Apple's IPod Mini is really cool, the FM transmitter is a must! You can use it at home, in the car at work etc.

Yesterday there was news on Sony's new walkman, 20 gig and all. It's about time Sony entered the market.

Sony's new walkman

Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise Architect Beta 1 - Now on MSDN

Really looking forward to seeing whats new.